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Happy 40th Birthday my sweet boy!  / Mama   Read >>
Happy 40th Birthday my sweet boy!  / Mama
Dennis, It's hard to believe you're 40 years old today. I hope all your friends and family are celebrating it with you in Heaven. Please come into my dreams tonight and share with me, how you spent your special day. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday Baby. Close
Have a Wondercful 39th Birthday My Sweet Boy  / Elena (Dennis' Mom) (Mom)  Read >>
Have a Wondercful 39th Birthday My Sweet Boy  / Elena (Dennis' Mom) (Mom)
Well, 39 years ago tonight your dad and I was on our way to the hospital. You weren't actually born until the next morning at 6:56 am though. It really doesn't seem like it's been that long but maybe it's because you have been in Heaven almost as long as you were with us on earth. And seems like it's been forever since I have seen you. I miss you so much honey, all the time. There's not much I do anymore without thinking about you, wishing you were still here with us. I love you and no matter what, I always will. I just pray that there is a forever after and that ours will be spent together. You had a beautiful smile and a big wonderful heart and I hope that everything you didn't experience on earth that you have received in Heaven. I hope your 39th birthday is filled with Love, Joy and Happiness and you are surrounded by family and friends. I also hope that you can feel the Love I have for you and know that you also have my heart. I love you son, forever and always, Mom Close
Sending my Love at Christmas Time and Always!  / Elena (Mom)  Read >>
Sending my Love at Christmas Time and Always!  / Elena (Mom)

I Love You!

Wish that you were here!

Happy 34th birthday Sweetheart!  / Mom (Mama)  Read >>
Happy 34th birthday Sweetheart!  / Mom (Mama)

I Love You!

I Miss You!

Your Light Will Shine Forever In My Heart...

I Love You Forever and Always My Sweet Son...

My wish is that you are surrounded with Love,  Peace and Happiness on your Special Day and Always!


...Until we're Together Again....

Happy 32nd Birthday Baby  / Mom   Read >>
Happy 32nd Birthday Baby  / Mom

Happy Birthday

32 today, has it been that long...I can't believe it's been 11 years since I've seen you. I thought about you all day. Wondering what you were doing, thinking about the past and remembering the first time I laid eyes on you. I remember you being so tiny and how thankful I was that everything on you was perfect. You were so precious and so cute. Which you never out grew. You turn into a very handsome young man.

I ask myself a lot, what if? I wish so badly that things didn't happen the way that they did. I wish you were still here with me. I sat out on the porch today and closed my eyes and tried to picture you sitting there with me. I wanted to feel your touch, hear your voice and see that beautiful grin of yours.

I miss you so much honey.

I hope you have a great Birthday and are surrounded by people who love you. Make a wish when you blow out your candles, just maybe it will come true.

I Love You Sweetie Always and Forever, Mom

Don't ever think I have forgotten you!  / Elena Lowery (MOM)  Read >>
Don't ever think I have forgotten you!  / Elena Lowery (MOM)

Don't Ever Think I have Forgotten You!
       Yes, I've been busy remodeling the house but you been with me every single second of it. I think about you all the time. I've even pictured you painting along beside me...I know that you would have been a big help in all this.
Christmas came and went for us. We took time off to go have dinner with Ronnie's family but got right back into it afterwards. If you're wondering why I didn't go all out decorating your grave for Christmas, now you know...I went to your grave several times and sung Christmas songs and talked about all our times together but to be honest I looked around for something special to place on your grave but never quite found it. But baby, you are always on my mind, always.
Hey, guess what. I did get a surprise before Christmas. I ran into Jan at the mall. She recognized me before I recognized her. She looked so good Dennis. She still hasn't got married but she is still with the same guy. You knew him, I can't think of his name. She has lost a bunch of weight and she just looked really nice. I guess you know all this though, don't you? I know you're looking out for her. True love, never dies...Right?
I love you and I miss you every single minute of my life. Stay with me son, cus you know that is what is getting me through. I love you sweetheart. Mama

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON:  / Mama (His Mother )  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON:  / Mama (His Mother )
Happy 30th Birthday Sweetie,
I hope you're having a good one. I wish I could spend it with you. I love and miss you so much.
I Love You, Forever and Always, Mama

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